Bantam Cochin (show or pet Quality)

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  1. Is she show quality or just pet quality?
    Best pics i could get
    She dont stay still for pics
    She has some white foot feathering but i think it will go away after molt
    shes about 4-5 months old
    still has alot of pin feathers on her head and back
    I tried to get her in show stance but she will not stay still


  2. Thanks for the sight
    Her middle toe is featherd, and idk if she has vulture hocks, ill try to get pics of her legs, ill look at the sight right now
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    NYREDS Crowing

    Jan 14, 2008
    Vulture hocks or not she's definately not a "show quality" bird.

  4. okay thats what i thought

    heres a cochin with vulture hocks

    [​IMG]They are NOT wanted. its the pointy things sticking out her legs, their just feathers tho
  5. Nope she dnt have vulture hocks, just checked
  6. well i have to agree, shes not show quality

  7. Ok thanks. im still going to enter her in the next show this summer, its only $2 an entry. And eatiher they place or they dont. Going to take some of my other birds also. Going to take her just to see what the judge says. Ive shown birds before and have some good ones. Shes my first bantam cochin and i was thinking about breeding her but if the judge doesnt say anything really good about her im going to sell her. Thanks everyone

    NYREDS Crowing

    Jan 14, 2008
    You already got a judge's opinion; mine. I would not place that bird first if she was the only one in the class. Her type is so poor it would not be unreasonable to disqualify her.

  9. ok well not all judges are the same, U dnt have to me so harsh about it. i did ask for opinions but really? She may be bad but theres nicer ways of putting it. In the 4 years ive been showing in FFA i have never had a judge talk to me like u do. Usually judges have pros and cons about the bird. Not just shoot it down. Usually the judges are kind and tell whats good about the bird and what it could be improved. Im srry but ur comment was a little rude to me. My bird my not be the best bird but that dnt mean shoot her down in one blow and basically say shes crap. Im happy that u share ur honest opinion about my bird but please just watch how u put things because people do take offense to comments like that when they are proud of there bird show quality or not.
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