Bantam Cochin Splash Pairs


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
Georgetown, Ohio
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My Coop
I will be selling 2 splash pairs after the ohio national november 15. Thought I would give the BYC'rs a chance at them first. The cockerels are too young now, but here is a pic of one. The hens hatched some nice blues for me this year and a few mottled when bred with a solid black roo. the hen at the bottom has her head picked now but it is growing back in and I'm hoping she will be in good feather for the nationals. Do not bid now-I am just letting you know that they will be available. Thanks

edited for price: when I originally posted it was for one pair, but I thought there was no need to post 2 since they are not available yet. The price is $50 a pair not $50 for all. sorry if there was any confusion.



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Any chance you might have just pullets/hens available? I already have one blue splash pair - so I'm at my max for roos. But I would love to get him one or two more girls.

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