Bantam cochin trio--Mille fleur, blue mottled & split AUCTION ends 3/9/11

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  1. Auction ends Friday 3/9/11 9PM Mtn time. Available is a young trio--mille fleur cockerel, split to mille pullet & a blue mottled hen. The cockerel is pure mille fleur cochin, hatched Oct 2011. He was going to be my breeder but a slightly older cockerel with better type won out. He has a deep ground color, nearly red. The split mottled pullet is his half sister, same hatch date, they share a mfc mom. The pullet has gold leakage in her hackle. The blue mottled hen just barely turned a year. She's laying, has nice body type and already provided several chicks.
    Please ask any questions before bidding.
    Shipping cost is $65, I plan to ship 3-12-11 weather permitting . I send melon with them for moisture, they leave here hale & hearty. I do not accept refunds, buyer should understand they accept any risk of shipping. Cannot ship to HI, AK, or VA.
    Paypal only at auction end to [email protected]

    Auction starts at $40 for birds. Bid increments are $1.00
    Place your bid as a reply. Make sure to keep checking back to up your bid as needed. Don’t forget to subscribe to this listing so you don’t get out bid!"
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  2. Love the little roo~ I keep going back and looking at him, wish I had more room right now! [​IMG]

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