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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
I have my birds wintering together, so I have not yet separated out the colors, or the breeds, however not everyone is laying yet. Right now I know my Splash Cochin and my Barred Cochin hens are laying. Soon to follow will be my Mottled, my Black Frizzle, and my White Frizzle. I also think my Black Silkie crossed hen is laying. My BO hen is not yet laying, nor is my Standard Welsummer mixed hen (she is small, only the size of my Silkie roo), and my White Silkies are not yet laying. So right now, to spare any confusion I just started, the laying hens are 4 Splash Cochins, and 1 Barred Cochin, and possibly a Black Silkie cross. Roosters are Splash Cochin, Barred Cochin, White Cochin, Mottled Cochin, Dark Brahma, BO, and Silkie, but as of yet, my Silkie roo is not mounting. My BO roos aren't mounting very much either, and all 3 of them are most amorous toward my standard hen anyway, lol. So the chicks will be Cochin crosses, and the colors will vary. But they will be adorable. Chances for pure are very good as it is primarily the Cochin roosters doing the breeding. This auction is PICK UP ONLY as I do not have a car and no way to get to the Post Office. I have eggs in the bator and whatever doesn't get sold in these auctions, goes in the bator too, so in a few weeks I will have chicks for sale too. If you are interested, let me know. PM me with any questions, and happy bidding!

Here is my Barred hen Petunia on eggs:

More pics available upon request!

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