Bantam Cochins, Cochin mixes, Silkie mixes and more. See details

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I have quite a few chicks that need to go, they are NOT hatchery stock, I hatched them myself from my own birds and a few came from another private breeder that does not have hatchery stock either. Here is a list of what I have available:

    Silkie/Cochin mixed chicks. They're cute, most are charcoal gray in color, very sweet little birds

    Bantam Buff Orpington/Cochin mixed chicks. They are all black with a white spot on the back of their heads

    Silkie/Bantam Dark Brahma mix. Only have one of these, looks in color like a Partridge Silkie. Very cute.

    Pure Bantam Cochins in mottled, blue, black, barred, and splash. I cannot tell for sure which colors are which, except the blues. Some of the blacks could be barred.

    I also have some older chicks available:

    Standard Speckled Sussex/Welsummer mixes

    Silkie mixes

    Bantam EE pullet

    Standard Marans mixes

    Here are some pictures of various chicks:


    Mixes under 2 weeks of age are $1.50 or 2 for $3
    Mixes over 2 weeks of age are $2.00 or 2 for $5
    Pure breeds under 2 weeks of age are $$2.50 or 2 for $5
    Pure breeds over 2 weeks of age are $4 or 2 for $8
    Mixes over 6 weeks of age are $3.00 or 2 for $6
    Pures over 6 weeks of age are $6 or 2 for $12

    I also have 3 FREE roosters available. Good boys, just have too many of them. Two Bantam Buff Orpington roos and 1 Bantam Dark Brahma roo with a slow feathering gene, though that doesn't stop him, and his chicks feather in fine. They are 11 months old and will 1 yr old on June 3rd.

    PM me if you are interested. These are PICK UP ONLY. West Central Indiana, right on the Illinois border.

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    May 8, 2010
    Hi. I am just starting into bantams. I have one dark cochin, I thought she was black, but she has silver penciling on her face. She is just absolutely gorgeous and I love her to death. She has been raised with standard chicks who are going out to a big coop this weekend and I would like to get a friend of two for Casino since I understand they are much happier in groups. I would like to get into show quality bantam cochins in case my kiddos want to break into showing. I would love to have a golden laced cochin hen. So you have any golden laced? If not, do you have any blues or blacks you would be willing to ship to Missouri? How much are your chicks? Thanks so much!

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