Bantam Cochins- Hope Mills, NC 28348


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10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
Please don't use BUY IT NOW, just PM me or EMAIL through website

We have FRIZZLED Cochins, Mottled Cochins, and Rosecomb Cochin Mixes!

Mottled Cochin Chicks, born Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (6-8 of june) and are really cute! They are from my flock of Mottled Cochins. All have correct number of toes, middle toe fuzz and I've never had any defects show up. The fertility was really high this time! These birds are compact, and do well in the cold and need shade in the heat, so can live pretty much anywhere. Good foragers,

View pictures of my adults and past babies (from same parents) at my website

am about to update the site so there will be more photos)

Won't be available until MONDAY JUNE 14 to PICK UP
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