Bantam cochins: Lemon Blue/Brown Red/Lemon Splash and Blue

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    Bantam cochins are a wonderful friendly, cold hearty breed. We breed a couple of different color varieties. All of chickens are feed organic feed and fresh vegetables.

    Lemon Blue/Brown Red/Lemon Splash:
    We have multiple breeding pens that contain lemon blue and brown red cochins. Eggs from these pens will produce lemon blue, brown red and lemon splash bantam cochins. These are rare colors and we are working to improve type and color. First three pictures in listing are some of our lemon blue and brown red breeders.

    6+ eggs: $20 + $15 USPS Priority Shipping = $35
    12+ eggs: $35 + $15 USPS Priority Shipping = $50

    We have one breeding pen which contains a SQ splash rooster and SQ black hens. We acquired these birds from top breeders and although we don't show, the offspring should have show potential. Resulting chicks will be blue. The last three photos in the listing are our splash rooster and his black hens.

    6+ eggs: $50 + $15 USPS Priority Shipping = $65

    We wrap each egg individually with bubble wrap and then put in an egg carton. Then pack the egg carton in shavings in a priority box. We don't ship eggs that are older than 2 days old. We have received excellent reports about our shipping and all eggs surviving the US Postal Service. Despite our careful packaging, we can not guarantee hatch rate, but we send extras in the hopes that this balances the potential difficult trip that eggs can have. The variables of hatching further prevent us from providing any sort of guarantee. Your purchase of these eggs indicate that you understand and accept these risks. If you prefer to purchase chicks instead of hatching eggs, please see my other listing.
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    Are you still selling hatching eggs from your Lemon Blue/Brown Red/Lemon Splash pen still?

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