Bantam cockerels in NC

Chicken Nugget

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11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
North Carolina
Too many of the chicks we purchased ended up being roosters. We are currently trying to find homes for four of them. They are bantams. They are about 2 1/2 to three months old now.

Two are silver seabrights, one is a black rosecomb and one I'm not sure what the other is. They are all supposed to be purebred, I just don't know what it is. We live in Cabarrus County, NC. $5 each.

You can email me at

One of the silver seabrights.

The other silver seabright.

The black rosecomb.

The unknown is the barred one on the right.

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Ohh the last one is pretty! I wish I could take him, but I know my dad wouldn't take me to get more roos
And it irks me so bad because you are so close! Our property line is on the rowan/cabarrus line

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