Bantam Ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by GoldenChicks16, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm a long time chicken owner and in the last two months I recovered a Muscovy duck and a Runner duck. Needless to say, I'm in love with them both and would like more. I'll start hatchin out my Muscovy ducks eggs (the Runner is a male) next spring. But in the meantime, I'm thinking about purchasing some bantam ducks. I have a lot of experience in bantams with chickens and combining my knowledge of ducks and bantam chickens, I think I can pull it off. Anyway, they would be in a large breeding pen with a pond and a best and a shelter. Can anybody share their pictures of their bantam ducks? What's the best breed? How often do they lay? Any special requirements?
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    The only "bantam" ducks you will find are call ducks. They are fairly easy to find (depending on your location) as there are a lot of people that have them. They come in all colors and patterns, some harder to find than others (especially if you are looking for show quality).
    Mallards are sort of bantam as well. They are larger than call ducks but smaller than other breeds.
    One thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that they can fly. And mallards have been known to fly south with wild mallards if you don't keep them penned. So my suggestion would be to keep them cooped or keep a top over your pen. That way they can't go far.
    They tend to be seasonal layers so you should only expect eggs in the spring. Some spring hatched ducks will lay in the fall but it usually doesn't last long.
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    Holderread's carries Call Ducks, Australian Spotted, Silkie Ducks, Mini Silver Appleyard, and Black East Indies. I've only had call ducks but they've always had great personalities. My call ducks usually laid spring and part of summer.
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    I keep a quad of calls. Mine are kept separate from my ducks mainly Muscovy and a couple buff orpingtons. Mine did not come into lay this year but were spring/summer babies so that would be pretty typical.

    Special accommodations? they are really predator prone, so that has to be kept in mind, they fly too and well.. i mean like true wind up toys lol i have a 10x10 dog run for mine with little trees and pools(1 is a 40GAL trough) i house them in a coop that is only their own.

    Here these are mine.. Bonnie, Honey crisp, Marmalade and finally Clyde...

    Clyde a classic grey call

    Bonnie, she's a blue fawn

    Marmalade a grey and honey crisp an appleyard colourway

    Female calls are loud, and chatty... the drake is basically mute.. my budgies are louder than him. [​IMG] They can be VERY delicate as ducklings but after a few days are quite hardy, they swim like crazy and i mean in the most brutal temps, i handled mine a lot still do, the pen is separate from the house so are carried daily, super quirky and full of personality a great "fun" duck.

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