Bantam Easter egger laying issues

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  1. Groo

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    Aug 10, 2012
    Good morning. My little bantam, now six months old, was the first of her flock to begin laying - eight beautiful blue eggs a good month before the others. Since then she has not laid a single good eggs, but she HAS laid several rubber eggs while in the roost and yesterday I could tell she was uncomfortable and her vent was a bit distended and wet, so I put her in a nest box. She stayed standing up and About a minute later she had laid an egg that was broken in two, as if I had cracked it. The shell was rather soft but better than rubber. She sat quietly for a few minutes and then hopped down and started eating.

    I am new to chicks and have no idea what is going on with her or of what I should do. My other 7 assorted bantams are all laying now. They all have access to oyster shells and get fresh greens nearly every day, plus yogurt, along with their laying feed.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    maybe she isn't eating the oyster shells. It seems like she isn't. Sometimes they don't like it by itself. Mix some in their feed. You then will see a change in her eggs.
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    Try giving her chopped egg shells as a treat--most chickens grab them up if you drop them on the ground. If she's eating them for awhile and still laying shell-less eggs ofte, then she has a problem absorbing it or a reproductive problem.

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