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    May 13, 2010
    less energetic? I bought the last seven bantams in the bin at TSC(minimum is 6 birds so,what do you do? Leave the seventh??[​IMG] ) I brought them home and put them in a seperate brooder because they are so small.All but one had pasty butt, and it came back the next day and so far it's been two days and the pasty butt continues.I did stop at TSC today and bought some vitamin/electrolyte for the water.The first day they were so sluggish,I added sugar to the water.It did help some but they still weren't as active as my LF chicks.They do seem a little better,but still not what I would consider "out of the woods" yet.Is it normal for the bantams to be like this? Or is it just stress? This is my first time with bantams.I have the temp at 104 degrees because when I put it any lower,they act freezing and continuously peep and crowd each other.(thermometer could be off a few degrees too)
    In case it makes a difference, I think there are 4 Golden Sebrights and POSSIBLY (not sure what they are) could be 3 Mille Fluer D'Uccles? They are tannish with some gray mixed in and have feathered feet and toes?
    Thanks for any advice/help you can I said, these are my first fire away with info please! [​IMG]
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    I would keep it warm. Since they are so small, they seem to take a little longer to come around. Give them a couple weeks and as long as they are eating/drinking/pooing, im sure they are fine. My banties always seem a little more wobbly than the others, but turn out all right in the end
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    all u need is a regular heat lamp light, i use a red one, about a foot or so off of them, use paper tower or something along that line under the pasty butt chick. Keep him alone so others don't pick at his butt. It just needs to dry out, you allrdy got the water figured out.
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    It shouldn't take banty chicks but 2 days or longer and they will get up and grow strong, course I am hatching my own eggs.
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