Bantam Frizzle cochin 5 MOS. ROO OR HEN?

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Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
Here is my cutie who is 5 mos old (the splash). The two next to her are her buddies Mary and Kate...yes, her/his name is Ashley. I'm thinking hen but what do I know. The two are for sure hens...they are younger then the splash though by a few weeks. Her/his comb or waddles have not changed in the past month


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Well, my frizzle roo is just going on 4 months old, and his comb and wattles were growing almost right away - I've known for the last 3 months that he was a he
I'd guess yours is a pullet. Tiny's comb/wattles are probably as big or maybe a little bigger, and he's younger... She is VERY cute!! Here's a pic of Tiny so you can see...

Whew! I hope ur right...I was thinking the same thing. I have a little roo about the same age as your roo and yes I have known for a while he was a roo too but her comb area just got SO red I got worried. I know she is getting ready to lay...she MUST be! LOL Thanks for the pic...what a cutie! I just LOVE the frizzles. I have two others and looking for more
compared to my cochins that age yours looks like a pullet, i could tell my roos for sure by 2 months (maybe sooner)

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