Bantam FRIZZLE Cochin Roo, Atlanta, GA

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Selling my bantam FRIZZLE cochin rooster. He is black with yellow saddle and hackle feathers. He is still fairly young (about 18 months old) and a VERY active breeder. But I'm working on other colors in the frizzle flock now, and don't need him anymore. When bred to ANY smooth-feathered hen, approximately 50% of his offspring will develop the frizzle feathering (see punnett square in the photos).

    He has had two buff colored hens to himself, and together they have produced black, black and brown mottled, brown, blue, charcoal (light black but not quite blue), and buff-colored offspring. I don't know what he would be capable of when bred to a different colored hen.

    He is very healthy, has great feathering, and his feet are in excellent shape. His crow, however, sounds more like a scream to me. And since he is a VERY active breeder, I would strongly recommend he have AT LEAST two non-sitting hens to himself - more than that if the hens are prone to sitting.

    I will not ship him, LOCAL SALE ONLY. But I will drive approximately 30 miles outside of the town of Jackson, GA to meet up with you to transfer him (as far north as I-285, and as far south as Forsyth in Monroe County).
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    Feb 11, 2013
    Very pretty little thing.
    We have one like him and really like the breed.

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