Bantam Frizzle Polish


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Up for auction are 8+ Bantam Frizzle Polish eggs. I ship using polyfoam and bubble wrap for saftey and insulation. I have a white frizzle roo/ blue frizzle roo over a smooth blue with white crest hen (frizzle gene) and a black frizzle with white crest hen. Confusing even to me. I have hatched many of these before and have had at leat 50% frizzle on every hatch. With a very good hatch rate for polish especially. Out of these I have hatched blue, black, white, splash and blue with blue crest. These will ship Tuesday Jan 10th through USPS priority. Please paypal as soon as auction is over to [email protected] Winner pays $15.00 shipping. Im sure I will get more than 8 if the girls keep up like they have been but no guarantee. These are some of the sweetest chicken I have ever raised they love to be held and come running to you when you go outside.

Due to things beyond my control there is no guarantee on your hatch. I will do all I can on my end to make sure your eggs get to you safe and sound.

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are you saying you have 2 hens one smoth and 1 frizzel???

FYI the frizzel geen is domant so if they carry the geen they will be frizzel the smoth feathered hen dos not carry the geen but that is how you should beed anny way frizzel to smoth featherd will get you 50% frizzel and 50% smoth you should not breed frizzel to frizzel this will resalt in frazzels witch will have verry por and brittel feathering just an FYI
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Yes sorry two coops smooth to frizzle in both I'm sorry I didn't put pictures of all of them so it would be a little more clear frizzle roo over Smooth hen then smooth roo over frizzle hen
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