Bantam Grab Bag All Purebreds! Wyandottes, Faverolles, Barnevelders-LOWER PRICE!!

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    This BUY IT NOW is for EIGHT (was six!) purebred BANTAM hatching. You could receive Bantam Blue and Blue Salmon Faverolle eggs, Bantam Buff Wyandotte Columbian Bantam eggs, Bantam Barnevelder hatching eggs. If I can add extra bantam eggs to your order, I WILL!! The total is $35 and includes the shipping!

    This is a Grab Bag of purebred hatching eggs and the eggs laid during the course of the Buy It Now will be shipped after payment is received. I can't guarantee which eggs will be included of these three breeds but I'm pretty sure it will be all three. Give the girls a couple of days to provide us with enough eggs in case they have a temporary Stall Out!

    Payment can be made to my Paypal account at terryrune @ (take out those pesky spaces). I have over 900 feedbacks on eBay since 1998 with a 100% rating!

    My website is and my eBay ID is sassy-girl.
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