Bantam Hen has painful leg joint - won't put weight on leg

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    Oct 25, 2009
    Hi: This is the first time I've posted on BYC - my daughters are in 4-H and one of them has chickens. She has a bantam hen that has been limping for some time - I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the limping, figuring the hen would get over it.

    Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and saw the hen standing stock - still. When I went out I could see that she could barely walk. The temperature had dropped (we are in southern NH) and it was raining.

    We brought her inside, and she is alert and eating, but her leg joint - what I would call the hock - feels warm to me and slightly swollen. I can't find any cuts, and she doesn't have bumblefoot.

    She's spent all day lying down. Does anyone have suggestions for what I can do?

    Best wishes, Cara
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    I found this:

    you left her a few days hoping she'd get over it, the swelling could be that. Have you checked her feet to make sure there are any thorns in it, or a stone jammed there? Do you have a heat lamp you could put on a low temperature? Fr now make sure she does not move much, she rests or sleeps to try and get her back to health.

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