Bantam hen laying or not?

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Mar 8, 2010
Hello, another newbie question. My 4 month old bantam hen laid 15 eggs during the very cold weather in central florida last month. Out of the 15 two chicks hatched and I finally got rid of the remaining eggs as she was not interested in them after the two chicks hatched. THe chicks are a week old and the little hen is a very good mother taking care of the. Now she has started to leave her nesting box (where chicks are) and go into the nesting box right beside it. She'll stary for awhile and then go back to her babies. Is this typical behavior? Is she getting ready to lay again? Should I take away the chicks and put them in a brooder? So many questions, so little "mind".....


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Mar 3, 2009
I would watch them closely and make sure that is still responding to the chicks.. Its normal for mom to leave them for short stints but most Mommas dont seem to want them out of her site.. I would watch and make sure she is attending to them .. If she stops or goes broody again just pop those babies in the brooder

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How long was she broody for? Normally she wouldn't "abandon" the chicks until they are much older. But if she had been broody for a long time before hatch, maybe her laying cycle is kicking back in early. Just keep an eye on them, and take the chicks out if you're sure she's not coming back for them. Congrats on the new additions!

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