Bantam Hens, Large Rooster?

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    Hi everybody! I currently have a fairly large black australorp rooster, and I'm wondering if it is okay to keep bantams with him. There are many different breeds of bantams that I want, but I do not have room to build a separate pen. I want to make sure he won't hurt them. Thanks!
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    As long as he don't hurt the hens u have already he shouldn't hurt the bantams as I have an EE rooster doesn't hurt the hens and he has bantam hens that he hops on and he don't hurt them
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    Thanks for the information![​IMG]
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    That's a really big size difference, Australorps are around 10 pounds, most bantam are less than a pound. I wouldn't recommend it, your hens could get hurt.
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    Thank you! I'll try weighing him some time.

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