bantam laid a green shelled egg yesterday and died today


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Mar 17, 2008
I own 3 bantams and they live in a large chicken tractor as well as range around the yard. Yesterday I went down to collect the eggs (2 of the banties have been broody for a few months and continually in the nest except for when I remove them a few times a day to eat and drink and roam around (I shut them out of the coop for a while)) and instead of the usual one egg from the third chicken who lays up in the nest still, there were two eggs. One of the two broody chickens was sitting on the grass under the nest and the extra egg was green stained. It was a grass green colour and looked like dye covering about 3/4 of the egg I would say.

Then this morning I went down to let them out and found the chicken dead on the grass under the nest.

When we picked her up to go and bury her we noticed that her vent and feathers around it were very green stained and a little amount of crushed shell stuck to her.

Any ideas on what might have happened and why the green? I tried googling it but didn't come up with anything.



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Hmm.. my guess is she was not eating enough. Green in the poo is generally a sign of not eating and is due to the bile that gets excreted alone. Was this your broody? If this was her first time, maybe she did not know well enough that she had to go out and eat. Or maybe she died while egg bound?


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Apr 13, 2007
All I can think of is Egg bound, with the egg broken inside her? The green could be poop diluted with egg white, maybe? Just searching for ideas...

I am so sorry.

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