Bantam & LF standard COCHINS = Chattanooga, TN area pick-up only

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    I currently have:

    (9) bantam cochins chicks - 1 week old (Black roo over brown/red hens) $4.00 ea. or all nine for $30.00
    (23) Standard cochin chicks - 1 week old ( one buff & one blue roo over partridge, black, buff & white hens) $4.00ea. or discount for multiplys

    (4) bantam cochin cockerals- 4 weeks old = 1 barred, 3 either blk, maybe blk mottled $4.00
    (2) pr. 3 month old banam cochin pairs = one blue mottled boy with a buff pullet $25.00 per pr.

    (1) 9-10 month old buff Roo standard cochin $10.00
    if you want the buff roo then I will entertain the idea of selling one to three hens with him, same age, all laying and/or producing fertile eggs (hens would be partridge or white)

    Again - i cannot ship (waiting for NPIP) so it would be local pick-up in the Chattanooga, TN aera (Harrison/Ooltewah)

    Please send PM if interested.thanks

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