Bantam Mille Fleur d'Uccle Roo - free to a good home! East bay, CA

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    A couple months back, I found a young little bantam dodging cars on the busy road we live near. I captured it, and after a couple weeks when no one claimed the chicken, decided to integrate into my own flock. The little chicken developed into a very handsome rooster and we named him Chicken Little. And so I have arrived at the same problem I had last year with my BO rooster, Frank - he has found his voice and our neighbors are complaining. Because this guy is small, he's not as loud as my other rooster was, but nonetheless, he can be heard. Is anyone interested in a beautiful mille fleur rooster? He is very friendly and likes to hang out with us and our dogs. He may sort of think he is a dog, because he will lay down next to the dogs when they sun themselves on the deck.
    Please message me if you are in the Bay Area and are interested in adopting a really cute little rooster :)
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    Your bantam sounds adorable. The fact that he is a bantam Mille Fleur should increase his chances of finding a nice new home. Try posting in this section so more people will see your post:

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