Bantam Muscovies

i have read that someone is working on them in australia but thats all i know. i have an egg being sat on about the size of a large grape here, tiny, if by some fluke it hatches the duckling would most definatley be super bantam.
there's nothing wrong with eating the culls! my freezer is looking good at the moment
i'd be amazed if the super mini egg hatched too, it'd take a whole lot of skill on mums behalf and since she has stuffed up her last two clutches of eggs ,and would have been sold if she didnt lay again so quick, i doubt it very much.
I'm curious, why would you want a smaller version? One of the reasons i chose the breed was for it's larger size, smaller breeds wouldn't be as suitable for here. Trying to understand the reasoning, as there are many smaller breeds out there, so what would be the benefits to sizing down a relatively larger breed.
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