Bantam OEG (Blue & Wheaten), Bantam Blue Cochins, Standard Marans, Olive Egger, Brown Leghorns Need

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    All Hatched 2013 - Jan to beginning of April 2013

    2 cute black bantam roosters we got at Tractor Supply - FREE to a good home
    1 self blue duccle roo (twisted beak, just a pet) from Tractor Supply FREE to good home
    6 Bantam Blue Cochin Roos hatched 4/22 - nice birds $5/each
    OEGB Wheaten roos - $5/each qty 9 - tiny birds, some show quality
    OEGB Blue roos - $3/each qty 9
    Olive Egger Cockerel - purchased from Marans breeder who has wheaten Ameracaunas. $10

    From our own stock we have raised since 2000, these are all hatched in 2013...
    Standard Size Wheaten and BTB Roos - $2/each qty 25
    Standard Size Wheaten hens - will have approximately 5 $15/each

    We are located in Long Prairie, MN Contact us at 320-seven three two - 4087 for more info or email at [email protected]
    We are NPIP certified and have a hatchery license for legal distribution.

    No shipping.
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