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Apr 1, 2008
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My Coop
I have for sale one pair of Bantam, Spangled Russian Orloffs.

This is not-an auction, but a BUY IT NOW listing.

This pair are proven show birds, proven breeders. The Orloffs are not quite a year old.

I can email you photos of each available bird.

I can ship if I have to, but I'd prefer not to. Shipping is around $65 + the box fee of $15 and once the weather cools down.
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I can get more pics at some point. My husband hurt his back and we've got a just-learning-to-walk daughter and a farm to run--so my hands are full right now. Once things settle down and the weather is cool enough to safely ship, I'll get some more pictures of the pair. Thanks!
I do. I'd prefer to sell them as a pair (a trio is always better than a pair!) :) The rooster I have available is just barely 1 year old. The hen is about 1.5 years. The roo is shy, not at all mean. The hen is VERY outgoing & friendly and follows me everywhere. The rooster doesn't quite have enough white and the hen has a little too much. Together, they made some very nice chicks...but I just don't need them anymore and need to cut back on my numbers. I can get some photos of them sometime within the next few days--I'll be busy the next two for my daughter's 1st birthday. :)

I also have hatching eggs for sale.



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