Bantam Pics......


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Mesa, Az
Anyone have any Bantam pics you like, any Breed and what you like about that breed?
I am trying to figure out which Bantam breed to get.

Also FYI I live in Az, so I am not sure if "Heavy" breeds will survive here?

This is my silkie rooster at 9 weeks old. Sweet and good brooders. I'm really just seeing if I can load a picture.
I love my bantam Cochins, but need to get some recent pictures of them. I don't know how well they are going to do in hot weather with all those feathers, though. We are already in the 90's in Alabama and I'm sure it's hot in AZ, too. I think they will probably do okay if you have a nice shade for them.
Wyandotte bantams are my favorite! They kind of have the rounded shape of a Cochin but don't have feathered legs, so they don't get all muddy.



--Bad pic of my Partridge girl.
I also have a Columbian Wyandotte that is 7 weeks old.
I vote seremas I also like Pheonix thiough.

I think Heavy breeds will survive if you are careful what you get and how you build the coop.

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