Bantam rooster, 3 yrs old, SUDDENLY sick!

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    May 6, 2010
    Christmas morning I found him sitting on the floor of his cage and the bedding under him was all wet, from watery diarrhea. He finally stood and started to eat, frantically, the scratch I always toss in the morning. He was rather unbalanced acting! His hen was fine! I watched him while we did chores and finally decided he should go home with us where I could get him warmer and watch closer. I started him on Baytril, only AB I had, once a day, and water and vitamins in a syringe, several times a day. By Sunday his poo was more solid, but he had not been eating or drinking since Sat.morning and he was very unbalanced, could not walk, only managed to sit on a birch branch I rigged in the bottom of the cat carrier I had him in. Monday morning, I started him on yogurt, egg, wheat germ and ACV, again feeding in a wet mess by syringe, 4 times a day. Monday evening he started to drink and eat.... he ate and drank for a half hour!!! But still unable to stand, and his neck is rather limp acting too! Yesterday and this morning, no change. Will eat and drink what is in front of him and I am still giving him the extra by syringe. He mostly sits and sleeps with his head tucked under his wing.

    I have had this pair, Golden Duckwings OEG and one other pair of OEGs for about a year and half. Bolth are kept side by side, in large dog crates, in a stall, inside my barn, that is enclosed. No exposure to my other chickens or outside birds. None of my other chickens are sick, nor are his hen or the other pair. Thurs before he took sick, I clipped his toenails, and the hen's too. Friday morning, I cleaned both cages out good and put in fresh sawdust bedding ( we have horses, so lots of fresh bedding), got them all prettied up for their Christmas! Then, found him sick Sat. morning and he was normal both days before! He has shown no signs of any respiratory problems!!

    Please, I have read many posts on BYC and found silmilar threads, but nothing really fits. I did give this bird and his hen 2 pieces of stawberries that were from the weekend before, but they were not bad, just getting soft! Could he have botulism?

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    Could be but I don't think from the strawberry, I'll bump ya so someone can give some advise.

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