Bantam rooster breed to black sex link hens


Mar 28, 2018
I just got 10 black sex link chicks all females and was wondering if when they start to lay should i put one of my bantam roosters with them or should i get a diffrent rooster?
That depends on what your goals in the breeding would be
Not sure yet. Do you know what the chicks would be like if it was my bantam rooster? This would only be my second time hatching the eggs. My first eggs are in the incubator now they are just bantams.
My black sex links are 3 times the size of my bantam roo, they go after him every time I put him near. He holds his own like a good roo but I wouldn't leave them alone. Either add him in while they're small or keep an eye on him because my girls aren't too friendly with my bantam roo. They're pretty much full grown now and are much bigger.
Good luck!
Thanks! I guess i will just have to wait and see when the get bigger and see how they do and if he doesn't work i will just get another roo.
My bsl won’t let my bantam rooster mate or share food with her at all.She usually books up at him

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