Bantam Rooster has leg mites

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    Feb 19, 2012
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    I read in Gail Damarow's book to use Kerosene and Linseed oil mixed half & half to kill these blood sucking leg mites.Brush it on the legs and on the perches. Is this the best way to get rid of these awful bugs? Thank you for your help. Joan

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    I would instead wash her legs in warm soapy water, using a toothbrush to gently lift the scales. Dry the legs thoroughly. Then use castor oil, vaseline, or vegetable oil to rub into the legs getting it under the scales, and repeat once a week. Castor oil is much less messy, and may only need to be applied less frequently. You can find it in the laxative aisle at WalMart and most other drug stores.

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