Bantam rooster with foot infection

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  1. Hi all

    I have a bantam rooster with a nasty foot infection. He has recently had a rather bad case of scaly leg mite infection, however I have been treating it. I noticed after a week or so of treatment that he had a large lump like thing on his leg (I assume a lifting scale), then the lump was somehow ripped off.
    From then on it seemed to be getting better until I noticed him limping badly. On closer inspection I noticed a large scab on the top of his foot with pus under it and that he had a swollen leg. The wound smelt pretty terrible.

    I decided to isolate him from the flock a week or so ago to avoid pecking from the other chickens. Currently I have been making a saline solution and washing the wound thoroughly every day or two days. I have then been drying it well and slathering it in beta- dine I also put some antibiotic in his water

    Today I noticed the scab had come off and underneath was a yellow looking foul smelling material
    I will continue to treat him with saline and betadine but I thought I would see if anyone could recommend any other treatments?

    I will add some photos tomorrow
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    I'd probably get more aggressive with the cleaning it. I'd make a betadine and warm water solution and have him soak in it twice a day. (enough betadine to make it look like a weak tea solution) I'd spray it with a little vetericyn a little while after the soak.

    Mites are completely taken care of? I assume they are, but figure I should ask, just in case.

    I would not let it scab over till the infection is gone.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply mimsy!
    I was thinking the same thing .......I will start doing that tomorrow.
    I was thinking of using an antiseptic cream as well as I have had success with betadine ointment in the past when treating a chicken with and infection in its comb
    I will try and get some Vetericyn .....I am guessing I could get that form the stock and fodder store or a vet ?

    There is a possibility that mites are still present....there are still some crusty scales on the legs but not many

    Okay I will make sure the scab does not form

    Thanks for your help:)
  4. Hi
    I thought I would give an update on my little rooster progress
    His foot is still infected and I have been treating with betadine and washing his foot twice daily
    He seems well apart from his foot
    Here is a picture:
    can anyone tell if its fungal or bacterial ?
    I am thinking of getting some antibiotics but if nothing works I will have to find a vet to take him too
  5. I thought I would give another update
    My rooster is being treated by a bird vet at the moment and is making good progress. Turns out the large yellow part was another scab under the one I removed. The vet removed the entire scab and has been dressing the wound on a weekly basis for the past month. I have also been giving antibiotics and painkiller that the vet prescribed. He is making very good progress, with new skin filling in the wound and he has no damage to the internal part of his foot in terms of tendons etc. :)

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