Bantam Rumpless & Tufted Araucana eggs

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    Jan 23, 2010
    I have 2 Tufted Roo's 1 Wht. Splash tailed 1 Silver Duckwing?? Rumpless in with with 5 Non Tufted hens 2 tailed
    I have 2 Non Tufted Rumpless Roo's out of SkyBlueEggs, 2 of my breeding Non Tufted Rumpless(Flame & Frost) with 6 Wht Splash Tufted hens 1 tailed

    Auction is for 12 eggs and any extras laid Saturday to Monday before shipping later that day so no eggs are more than 3 days old at time of shipping.

    Pal Pal immediately at close of Auction for Monday Shipping. If you want to wait until following week as Thursday will be Thanksgiving and could possibly be delayed let me know at close of Auction

    As with all shipped eggs I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to all the variables or be responsible for postal mishaps. The few I hatched this summer I got 3 rumpless chicks out of 4 eggs with my broody. I use my White Rumpless clean faced Roo with my Black Rumpless Clean faced Hen and a Lavendar/Blue tailed clean faced hen. They produced Flame, Frost, and WildChild.
    Now that I have Tufted Birds I am going to start to hatching out some. I have 3 broodys sitting eggs now and filled my incubator today.

    A few more pics can be seen at
    pictured above
    Tufted roo's & Hens
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    I am so tempted! [​IMG]I do not have any bantams these are the bantams I would want. I did not want to hatch in the winter. The temptation!
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    Jul 9, 2010
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    Go for it and join the club, everyone is hatching for next year!!!

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