Bantam S.C. Light Brown Leghorns

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9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Brooklyn, WI
Up for sale is a dozen+ SHOW QUALITY Bantam Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn eggs.

We show all over and these birds do great!

These birds produce like crazy and are a great friendly bird for children!

Fertility is good, but we cannot guarantee with shipped eggs.

Eggs are $30.00 and that includes shipping.

We individually package each egg for safe shipping!

Please contact us at our e-mail [email protected] not our BYC account.

Thank you!
would love to see a picture of the girls and eggs. Are they round at the tips and shiny shelled? My brown leghorns lay much smaller eggs than my white, what size eggs do you chickens lay? Thank you.
If its okay with you, it would be easier to just follow this link to see photos from our website, if not, let me know and I can send them a different way :

Our Leghorns are bantams, but still lay a pretty large egg... they are not super pointy and are not super round either... they are all normally nice uniformed eggs... If you are interested and want to see a photo of the eggs, I can take a photo tonight...
They are from 2 different pens, and are all labeled (so they have some pencil on them)

We have almost 2 dozen now, so if you would like, we could ship next tuesday with whatever we have (fertility has been great, hense us selling all our extra eggs, but of course we cannot guarantee our eggs after they leave our farm)

I think you know, that they are 30.00 (including shipping) and we take a money order/cashier check or western union only. If you send it today or tomorrow, we will not get it by Tuesday, so just scan a copy of the money order/chashier check and e-mail it to us at [email protected]

If you send it via western union, then we can just pick it up Tuesday morning.

Let us know! Thanks!

p.s. we do not check our BYC that often, but do check our e-mail multiple times a day... so that would be the best way to communicate with us: [email protected] THANKS!
I have been looking for someone who might have the "rosecomb" variety. I've been unable to find any information on these. I do know that Don Schrider of the ALBC raises the large fowl. I do know that these came from Rudy someone or other. I haven't been able to connect with anyone else who has the rosecombs.

Can you help?


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