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    Thanks for the warm welcome to BYC. I enjoy reading your Forum and figured it was time to join.I am retired and fairly new to the chicken world (about a year) . My interest began after constructing a mobile coop or "tractor" for my grandchildren.They started with five LF Salmon Faverolles, a rooster and four hens. I was so taken by the pleasant nature of their small flock that I began researching Faverolles and found they were available in Bantam. As I could not find any in my area I bid on a dozen eggs on Ebay, ordered an incubator from Strombergers (Hova Bator 1588 Genesis with auto egg turner) and started the process. I was impressed with function of the incubator and hatched two of twelve eggs. A tiny little hen and her brother. Sadly the little rooster developed leg problems as he grew and has badly deformed feet.As he is unable to stand or walk he receives alot of special attention and and is carried around and hand fed. His sister has become his "guardian" and will not allow the Silkies near him.He is otherwise very healthy, a beautiful little bird with the sweetest personality and likes nothing better than to be held and talked to. I just could not "put him down".I have since hatched a second little Bantam Faverolle hen and would really love to find a healthy Bantam Salmon Faverolle cockrell or rooster now that the hens are laying.I live in the Harrisburg,Pa. area and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to acquire one. If anyone knows of someone I would really appreciate it. Thanks again for the warm welcome .
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    go to "where am I, where are you," in the social thread - you can locate and post on your state thread and put your questions to them. Possibly someone near you has bantam faverolles and can assist you.
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