Bantam Salmon Favorelle Pair...will Ship!


Star Bright Farm
11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Brown City, Michigan (Thumb)
Pet quality pair consisting of a 3 month old rooster from uglyducky stock and a 2 month old pullet from jimnjay stock. Shipping is available.


Its an addiction isn't it.

Yes, and you're not helping! LOL

I have a problem to I have three more hatches planned
and I am going away in august
At the moment, I have several nice looking pullets coming up...but I'm just not ready to part with any. I'm sure you're probably needing something now, aren't you? If not, I will let you know as soon as I've made my choices.

And Henry...I just bought a GORGEOUS trio from your stock from a fellow BYC'er here in Michigan. They're so beautiful...the roo is salmon and 1 blue salmon pullet (I think) and 1 salmon pullet. I have the hardest time differentiating the blue salmon and plain salmon girls apart. I need a lesson in that.
No, I'm not in any hurry, I have a blue salmon pair that I bought from Henry that are about a year and a half old, and I have a quad of s/bs that I hatched from him too that are about 12 weeks old, one bs cockerel, 2 bs pullets, 1 salmon pullet. Not planning on hatching anything until January, so I have time to get all of these babies around here grown out a bit and see just what I have, so definitely not in a hurry...

As far as differentiating the salmon and blue salmons, look at tail feathers, and pull out their wings and look at the first primaries, you'll see black in the salmons and gray (blue) in the blue least that's how I understand that right Henry?
Thanks so much for the help, Cloverleaf.
I'm going to go out and look at all of my girls now. I only have salmon roos, but I want to check all of my girls. I'm only doing Salmon, so if I have any blue salmon ladies, I will be selling them for sure. It's not that I have anything bad to say about the blues...I just like the plain salmon better. Plus, I have plenty of blue stuff around here already.

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