Bantam Silkie Chicken Breeders in Eastern, NC?


7 Years
May 20, 2012
Camden, NC
Good morning, I was wondering if anyone knew of any hatcheries or hobbiest breeders in eastern North Carolin? Preferably northeastern. We were checking online and couldn't seem to find anyone selling adult hens, just a lot of roosters. We would prefer blue, splah or black colors.

We are looking to buy two silkies because they sit almost any egg (from what we are told) and I have fertilized quail eggs that I would like to hatch for a school project. We have heard horror stories of incubators, so we felt that natural hatching from a broody silkie hen might be a better option, but all the hatcheries have a minimum of 15 chicks and/or don't sell adult birds. We can't find anyone local that would split a straight run chick order with us. We don't want show quality or anything, just two hens with one that would go broody. We're even willing to take hens that are declining in egg production since we don't want them for the eggs, only as brooders.

Does anyone know of any viable options? We're willing to travel two hours out from Elizabeth City, NC, so VA hobbiest breeders are okay with us too. Thank you so much in advance!


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