Bantam Silver Phoenix Hens

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    I have about a dozen bantam phoenix hens to sell. They are 1.5-2 years old and out of some very good stock from Donald Barger here in California and are good breeders. Below you will find a picture of some of them running around the yard, followed by pictures of their sires, who take best of breed on a regular basis (one has a 3.5 foot tail, the other is now over 4 feet).

    I am breeding down from large fowl birds so many are not as small as I would like them. Let me know if size or color is more important to you. All of the hens have long coverts and lots of feathers in their cushion to pass on as many saddle feathers to their sons.

    They are $15 each. The shipping price above is an estimate. I am not sure how payment for birds works on this site, but if you will pay for them by COD, I will charge only the exact shipping cost. You will have to provide me a box.

    I will be at the Stockton Show this coming weekend (January 30-31) and will bring them to you if you are going. I need to know by Thursday night because I am leaving early Friday morning. For the show I would like to sell them in twos, so I will take $25 for two.


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