Bantam White Leghorn Right?

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    We picked up these 2 girls today. The seller didn't tell us anything about them - nor did we remember to ask until we were already on our way home. They're quite small so I'm figuring bantam and with their floppy combs I thought leghorn. They are QUITE NOISY!!! While in their display cage they were very quiet & all the way home they coo'd sweetly & once they were allowed to roam about Holy Hannah the squawking. If my neighbours were ok with us having chickens before, she may not if this this continues. [​IMG] I think they're still fairly young, as Gloria's tail feathers don't look full yet.





    Ruby & Gloria w/ my sex link Carmen (to show size comparison)

  2. jerseygiantlove

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    Jun 25, 2012
    this are amerikan leghorn white femail
    very good for a lot of eggs lol
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    Well other then the 2 eggs we got out of them when they first came home, we've not gotten any since. Granted Gloria went into molt, then got sick, and is now broody so we're not getting diddly from her & Ruby sadly passed away.

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