Bantam won't put weight on foot, breathing heavily


Oct 30, 2020
Mini is absolutely tiny - her little legs are only about two inches long and gnarled from frostbite in a former home. She's missing some toes.
Two weeks ago she was reluctant to put weight on one foot. I tried a chick chair and a warm bath to take weight off the good leg but she didn't like either. She's been living in the quail run so she doesn't get squished for two weeks now. I feel I should confine her more as I've caught her jumping up onto a sill to roost.

This morning she wouldn't put ANY weight on the bad leg - hopping. She appeared to be breathing heavily. I don't feel heat in the leg or swelling, but they're so gnarly it's hard to tell. She will move and stretch that leg. I will check her hips for dislocation this evening, but I don't suspect that if she can stretch it out. Maybe I will feel her ribs - heavy breathing. And confine to a dog crate with heat lamp.

Can you think of a connection with the heavy breathing?


Jan 29, 2018
SW Montana
Can you post some pictures of her? Leg, foot, bottom of foot and posture.

I would be reluctant to use a heat lamp with the dog crate. How big is the crate? Will it be kept in the coop?

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