Bantams and cats?

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Dec 16, 2011
I have 15 grown chickens from buff orpingtons to leghorns and 6 cats and any strays that come a long. I've never ever had a problem with my cats attacking my chickens or even threatening them. However, I recently got 4 bantams. Do you think the cats will bother the bantams sense they are smaller?
We have a former stray barn cat with the hobby of stalking my bantams when they're out.....instead of the mice in the garage. He jumps out at them occasionally, but I'm guessing the fancy feast & bottomless cat chow bowl sap his motivation.
It's definitely more of a game for the cat - he does the same thing to our little dog. He also did it with the turkeys until they turned and started chasing after him. HILARIOUS!

The bantams are pretty quick and fly well, so I don't know if a cat could actually get an adult. I'd be concerned with young ones for sure - especially with a stray that's not well fed.
My cat is a outdoor/indoor cat and he has not bothered them once. The chicks are about 7 weeks old and I just moved them into a horse barn. The cat hunts birds in the barn as well and has not touched them.
*phew* Thanks! I think I've got a rooster in this batch of chicks so beware any cat who tries to get one.
We have lots of stray cats around here. None of them really bother the chickens. However, we did have a tiny black Frizzle rooster that disappeared one day without a trace. Obviously no clue who was the culprit, but no other chickens were harmed or seemed ruffled. I assumed it was a big black stray we have nearby.

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