Bantams and Full sized hens together??


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7 Years
May 19, 2012
Hi all, I'm completely new to the whole chicken thing. Don't have any yet but want to get some. My question is can you run a flock of full sized birds and bantams together??
. Yes you can
I have three standard chickens and then I got a Bantam. I totally underestimated how much smaller she was than them but she did fine. A few weeks later I got two more bantams to try to even things out but Boo, the first bantam, still likes to hang with the big girls and we have had no problems.
I have 26 standard/heavy size chickens

6 of those are roos

and I have 1 Bantam Roo that runs the whole show and they all get along just fine.

They won't accept my Silkie hen though so she has to either be inside with us or out in her crate where she can range in peace.
I have six bantams and sixteen big girls, there was a time of adjustment. The big girls were there years before, but the blended well. I love the silkies, never had any before, but they can run circles around the big girls. The heavy breeds I have are RIR, PBR, and some golden comets, oh and two of the bantams are roosters, No big roosters.... the bantams were a rescue...

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