bantams and stndard ducks running together


9 Years
May 23, 2010
SE Minnesota
Is this a safe practice? the only time i did that, the standard ended up drowning my call duck (who was crippled) in the pond....
the two were not housed together, just let out in the fenced in pond enclosure during the day.
It just depends. We have done that before on occasion, but don't really do so very often unless necessity dictates it and we have adequate room. What we won't do is mix bantams and full size ducklings between the ages of about 2 weeks to 5 weeks when they are still brooded or brought in at night. There is too much risk for the bantams to get trampled like in a feeding frenzy or when the birds get excited. Once they become adults though, if you have adequate space and multiple feed/water areas, they are usually fine. If you can't give them lots of room, I would probably not do it. I would also not do it unless you have a high duck to drake ratio, otherwise the bantam hens will be in trouble.
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