Bantams are really beautiful (Barb).


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This morning I wrote loads and loads asking for advice on a few things including keeping Bantams ( we've acquired 3 very young little ones--though they look much bigger in the photos) and some insight into Ville's
(our elderlly Araucana) strange behaviour. I also asked that, should

Is this gorgeous person really a COCKEREL?

This little girl looks a tad frazzled
anyone read my screed,would they kindly tell me if it seemed I wrote overlong.
The thing is, I love my chooks so much that I want to talk/write about them almost all the time.
Well,it seemed that I may have tempted fate for,shortly after writing that sentence,I accidentally deleted. the lot.
This afternoon I did it again (deleted) but with the photos I'd taken.
I'm just going to try and upload the photos again and will leave my questions for another time.
Many thanks for your reply

I will try very hard to heed your advice!!
I wonder if anyone has experienced the following sort of behaviour from either an Auracana or any other breed?
Bertha & Buffy,the last but one, Violet being the last, of our last battery adoptees, had turned into
the most horrible bullies and were constantly picking on Ville, who was too elegant and refined to try to retaliate.
The bullying got so bad (they had separate houses at night) that we turned to my sister-in-law who has a flock
of about 20 girls and a lot more land than we have. She agreed to take the bullies if we would have the 4 very young Bantams someone had literally dumped on her doorstep.
Ville's odd behaviour happened the night before Bertha & Buffy went to their new home. Instead of going to bed in her own house she went straight into the other house in which her tormentors were already 'in bed'.
We waited a while,expecting to have to and rescue Ville, but all was quiet. Not even a cheep! Reprieve for the bad girls,we thought and imagined chook bonding ceremonies taking place,
But no. Next morning we were woken by sounds of serious disharmoney and had to take a huffy Ville back to her own house.
Has anyone any idea why Ville would enter the bullies house? And stay there overnight?
No idea whatsoever as to why Ville tempted the 'fates'. That gorgeous 'person' looks a lot like a chicken to me
is indeed a cockerel.

As usual,I wrote far too much and, as near as usual, I deleted the lot.

These are not-very-good pics of our Bantams ( and yes, I do know that they're not really people) on their first day out of their run. We'd expected fireworks, so to speak, as we'd had at sis.-in-laws ( much frantic flying over hedges and tearing witlessly
up and down,obviously terrified. But no. They ambled out of their run, ambled down the garden and hung around Ville and Violet. And to show what bright little CHICKENS they are, they made straight for their own house even though it's right next to the old girls and second in line. Pics not v.good. Taken at dusk-ish with mobile.
Would some kind person let me know when Bantams begin to breed?
Our cockerel isn't showing any interest but how long before that'll change?

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