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Bantams, Bantams, Bantams!!!!!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Rachel's Hobby Hatchery, Nov 10, 2010.

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    These are some pics of my beautifal chickens! some are 3 months old and some are 6 months old. Cocks & Pulletts. Most have black & orange fethers but some are pure black. they are out of two hens bread to 1 rooster. They are 1/2 silkie 1/2 milli flur booted and 3/4 silkie 1/4 Cochin Banti depending on wich hen layed the egg.
    They all have booted feet. Most have small crests on top of there head. Some have a beard & muffs too! Some are VERY soft (like velvet!). most have standard combs but some have Rose Combs and I have a little girl that looks to have a pea comb (or a VERY small rose comb). Im willing to trade or sell!
    I have:
    2, 6 month old Roos with standard comb. Black & orange. FREE!
    1, 6 month old Roo with Rose Comb. Black & orange. $3.00
    1, 6 month old Hen with standard comb. Pure Black, Velvety fethers, Very small. $5.00
    All of the above chickens were incubated & brooded by chickens, not people, there for will be an excallent addition to any free rainge flock!

    3, 3 month old Pulletts with Standard comb. some black & orange, some black. $5.00
    3, 3 month old Cockeralls with standard comb. some Black & orange, some black. $2.00
    others avalible too, I just dont have the information yet!

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