Bantams, Bantams, & more Bantams!!!!

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    Jul 16, 2010
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    I have for sale three Cockeralls hatched in april 2010. One has a Rose comb, one has a Standard comb, and one has a Standard Comb but it is wavy. They all have doubble thumbs & fether feet. they are black with orange around there neck & saddle. Dad is Silkie Mom is Booted De Uccle. $5.00 ea.

    one black Pullett hatched April 2010. Standard comb doubble thumbs fether feet. very small. very soft. 3/4 silki 1/4 cochin banti. $6.00

    Pulletts & Cockeralls. hatched July 2010. All have fether feet. most have doubble thumbs. some are all black & some look like the older cockeralls (listed above). some are out of 1/2 silki 1/2 booted De Uccle & some are 3/4 silki & 1/4 cochin. sexed. Pulls $5.00 ea. cocks $2.00 ea.

    PEEPS!!! Pulletts & cockeralls. soon to be hatched. out of the same breedings as the July hatches. My hens ran off to lay and they will be hatching any day now & babies have to go!!! $1.00 each!!!

    ask about buying multiples, I will give you a good deal

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