Bantams develop quicker than standard breeds?

Lil Jon s mama

Jul 21, 2016
Hi everyone I was wondering do bantam roosters develop faster than standard sized chickens?? I have a 10 wk old bantam EE rooster and a 10 wk old standard EE possible rooster (I posted a pic of standard & seems like it is a roo). The bantam has definite saddle and hackle feathers standard does not. Bantam has been crowing real cock-a-doodles for 2 weeks now and he's been practicing for a month. Bantam also makes all kinds of alert calls and come look I found treats noises. The standard doesn't crow at all or even attempt to. The bantam stands with his chest forward the standard doesn't. Is it common for standards to develop slower or do just have a late bloomer??
Here are some pics to compare. Bantam is the multicolored obvious cockerel The standard is the red one
In my experience MOST large fowl cockerels mature more slowly than bantams. You are right in that the red bird is a cockerel.
Thanks for reply even though I wish you would've said EE standard wasn't developing as fast because it was a pullet. Guess I better figure what I'm going to do with 1.5 roosters.

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