bantams -- game and dutch

old englissh game and dutch both look a lot alike. Dutch have white earlobes though. Dutch are a couple of ounces small than old english game bantams. Dutch are a true bantam breed, no large fowl counterpart. oegb have a lf counterpart..

Modern game bantams weigh more , have long legs and maybe some people would say look like a rubber gag chicken or just goofy. They are the friendliest of the three.

None of them weigh very much.

I like the moderns best for friendliest, but other people will tell you different things according to their own experience.
go to poultry pages and you can see pictures of the different breeds

I think they are all very brave little birds (Napoleon Syndrome) and most are pugnacious
The most noticable differences are that Dutch have white ear lobes and need not be dubbed.

- long, abundant saddle feathers
- very circular curved sickles
- soft feathered
- smaller bodied
- different wing carriage
- smaller size
- big tail

- long saddle feather, but not as long as a Dutch
- sickles should never be as curved as a Dutch, that's a big pet peeve of mine! lol
- hard feathered and muscular
- small, but muscular
- wings carried just above the thigh
- slightly larger
- don't overdue the tail... you'll look silly.

Their poses are different too. And when compared to a Modern Game, there's no comparison. You could spot the difference a mile away.
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Here's an OE of good type. His head should be held higher and his tail should be fanned less. But for the most part, it's a good example of and OE.

Actually, to a breeder of Dutch, being told that their birds look like OEG with combs is rather annoying.

They are really quite different when you look closely.

Here's one of my better Light Brown males (won BB a number of times, and his son won the Eastern Dutch National in '07):


And here's a Light Brown pullet (she won Youth SCCL at the Crossroads show in '06):


There are many differences in type between OEG and Dutch:

- White versus red earlobes
- Slate legs versus white
- Stance: Dutch should be "cobby"; standing with head back and chest out
- Thickness of body at the saddle area: Dutch should have a thicker saddle, measured from top to bottom, while OEG are more slender there.
- The back of a Dutch should resemble a curved U, while OEG is more of an angled V
- Longer and curved sickle feathers
- Dutch have shorter legs
- Dutch carry their wings lower, over the hocks

You can see more pictures of Dutch on our website (see my sig below.) And here are two more great sites with Dutch images:


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Thank you for all the great information -- much more detailed and thorough than I have found on any other site --- :)

This was very helpful to me and I do appreciate the time it took to send the comprehensive answers!

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