bantams not laying


10 Years
May 13, 2009
i have 2 oegb hens and 1 rooster. they are about 8 months old.
my rooster get on top of the hens and my rooster has been crowing forever, like 6 months. but they haven't laid one egg. why is this?
Bantams don't lay as much as big breed birds do but other than that I really don't know
Maby someone else can help.
Hmm. I have three OEGB/Serama hybrids that are not quite five months old, and I got my first egg today. It was either from one of these hybrids or from a D'Uccle/Serama hybrid of about the same age.

Did you raise these birds yourself (so you can be sure about their age)? If you're sure of their age, the next thing I'd take a look at is their feed.

How much do they weigh? Are they unusually small for their age? My two bigger hens weigh about a pound. Are you confident about the quality of the feed you're giving them?

Finally, do they have natural lighting, or are they in a coop with restricted acess to light? Not enough light can affect laying.

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