Bantams VS. Standard

Ilovemyladies! :

Just wanting to see what BYC Followers think------Which do you prefer, Bantams or Standard??

that would really depend on what you want them for,
I will be honest I love Wyandotte, however if I wanted a good looking wyandotte layer flock they would be bantams, the LF eat far more and based on egg size and feed input the bantams are more productive, and teh cockrells are still large enough for good table fair.
If it is for show I still somewhat prefer a bantam as they easier to clean up and keep clean although the Standards are a real sight in a show coop.

its all about personal preference we have both LF and Bantam each has its place and purpose, advantages and disadvantages.

there is a chicken for everyone thats whats so great with the hobby.​
I prefers big birds myself. We process our extra roosters, and my bantam roos just weren't giving us big enough babies to eat. The bantam eggs made great little deviled egg poppers, but that's about the only use I found for them. I'm too impatient to crack or peel a ton of tiny eggs. Just my $0.02. Big birds do require more space and feed, which is a down side to keeping them.
I love Big birds also but banties are so cute!!

And sjarvis00, That is absoloutly right!!!!!
we really wanted them as pets and the bantams are perfect...the kids love them. i have 1 full size and her poops are sooo big...waaaayyy bigger than the bantams and wow, are they gross...the bantam poops are much smaller and much less...i think bantams have a better poop to egg ratio

here are 2 eggs i got...they weren't so small...the 2 made a great breakfast for me. They were both double yolkers.



Aww I am now starving for that!!!!!!! It looks sooooo good
!!!! I love both standard and bantam I would prefer bantams just because they are really sweet and easy to handle
I have to ask - Are those purple tomatoes or just off color in the photo?

Personally I prefer LF/Standard birds. It's all about your amount of land and your location as well as preference, but, I like "standard" sized birds better no matter my space or location, because most bantams have ugly eyes and heads in my opinion, have way too dropped of wings and short, U shaped backs which obviously says something wrong about the body, and most bantams are a miniaturized version of a normally large breed, which to me isn't entirely natural.

Normally small breeds like D'Anvers rock though. But, not enough to have me purchasing any.
They are a pinky-purply tomato with green stripes....let me try to find a picture of the tomato and post...called pink boar.
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I agree... the LF birds take up more space, leave more waste, and eat WAY more feed... of course does this compensate for the extra meat they produce?

The bantams, lay a slightly smaller egg, eat a ton less, and take up more space--- which means; you can have more chickens in the same ammount of space.. chicken math..

now, I have found that there are 'large' bantams, and 'small' bantams... Some bantams are more like tweeners, than true bantams.. True tiny bantams are like sebrights, and silkies, and japanese... from what I have found..

on another note, the bantams, just don't seem to be as hardy in the free range situation- like the LF birds are...
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