Bantams wanted. South East PA


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Apr 11, 2014
I am looking for pretty any type of Bantams, here in South East Pa. I would prefer Brahma bantams, but like I said ANY bantams, at a reasonable price.

Do you have any idea what breeds are in that special ? They said "assorted", so I would not be sure exactly what I would get? So pretty random.

Thanks again
I am not sure if I would want to get the Feathered-leg bantam assortment, or the Special. I can get 25 specials for $31, while only 10 feathered for $34.
I have ordered it several times. I got one last week. Only got 4 cochins and a brahma and the rest were clean legged. I have also got the Old English Assortment before. Generally it seems like they just go down the rows after the fill the breed specific orders and grab 1, sometimes 2 from each breed/variety bin. I don't think I've ever ended up with more than 2 of the same variety and 90% of the order will be just one from each bin. You do tend to get slightly more OEGBs than anything else, just because they have so many varieties of those. They used to have 61 varieties but now its down to 30 something. Keep in mind they are not show quality, but some have certainly been very good birds, including my buff brahma bantam who is a real beauty. The OEGBs that I have received from them have been really friendly, especially the girls but I even have one lap rooster from them. The only thing I got from them that wasn't good was my salmon faverolle. She was pretty ugly lol.

If they offer it again next week I will probably order again and add in some silver sebrights and dark brahma bantams. I wish they still had the bantam EEs going but I think I got a random one in last weeks order. That's the nice thing is that even if it says something is unavailable, you could still end up with it in the assortment if they have an better than expected hatch.
Oh I should add that in the clean legged I got I have some obvious OEGBs, two that I think are bantam buff orpington, a couple that might be japanese... but some are hard to tell until they start feathering out more.
They have the special running now. Not sure how many I want. I think that I would rather have a better idea of what I am gonna get. But the price is so different for the special or the feathered-legs.
Oh yeah I just checked and that means they ran out of it for the feather legged. Wait until next week and it should be back down to $1.30 each. They usually run the next week's special starting on Thursday.

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