Bantams wont come out of their coop

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    Oct 1, 2015
    I have 9 hens in total, 2 bantams and 7 red sex links. They all get on fine but lately the two bantams wont come out of their beds they just lay there all day on their eggs is this normal? They mind everyones eggs not just their own. I thought it might be that they are just trying to look after the eggs but my mum is concerned as they don't seem to come out even to eat. Any advice or tips welcome thanks.
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    It could be that they are broody and are trying to hatch chicks from the eggs they are sitting on. Do they fluff up and growl when you try to take them take off the eggs? This can be a good indicator of broodies. Bantam breeds are often more broody than others. Have a read of this article ~

    If they are not sitting on fertile eggs nothing will come of this and you may want to break them of being broody.

    I hope the article helps you :D

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