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    Hi everyone. I am looking for some help with a problem. I have a banty that is about 1 1/2. And about 6 weeks ago she started limping. I have had some of them do that before and they got better. I just assumed they had landed wrong or something. But when I checked her out there was no visible issue and I just kept an eye on her. She now has what looks like a blister. My husband did a small cut into it but only blood came out. Now there is a scab where he lanced it. She has gotten worse not better and I have done some reading and nothing seems to really fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My chickens have large coops with plenty of space. They are outside most days. They eat fresh food, scratch and pellets with no antibiotics. Other than some pox from mosquito's

    we have never really had health issues.Thanks ahead for your help. Pamela


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    It is never good to lance anything that might be infected. The infection can spread and make things worse. Does this bird have any heat or swelling anywhere else in the leg or foot joint? If this is the only part of the leg that appears to be effected, I would try some antibiotics on her. If you know how to do injections, you could try penicillin. If you can't do this, some Cephalexin or even Doxycycline would help. Both of these come in powder form. All of these antibiotics work well on soft tissue infections. If you have any of these in the powder form, you can load the proper amount into 2 cc's of baby food and syringe it (without the needle of course) down the beak daily for the alotted days for these meds.

    If the leg or foot joints are also swollen, this could be from a sprain, strain, or even MS. The sprains and strains would need for the bird to be kept in a small enclosure for a week or two to heal. MS is a whole other big ball game of bacterial infection which requires a lot of meds and healing time.

    Good luck with your baby. [​IMG]
  3. Alright [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]
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    Hi, thanks for your response. After we lanced the "blister" we washed it with peroxide hoping to keep down on infection. The affected area is kind of what you might call a knee. In the pic you can kind of see that it's highest, back, joint area. But nothing else looks wrong with her leg at all.

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    Thanks so much I will try that.

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    Peroxide's bubbling action can push infection deeper into a wound, it also burns healthy tissue.

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC - it appears that there is an infection in that joint.

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